Welcome to “My blog. Your community!”

My name is Joanna Mayes and I’m inviting you on my spiritual journey with me.  I hope that you know that even if I have not met you face to face I love you and you are so welcome here in this place.  In a world where everyone is feeling the pressure to perform, be productive and measure up, I want you to know you can lay all of that aside here.  Here in this place, we are casting off everything that hinders us from running our race in the freedom our Father God intended.

I am a wife, a mother and most importantly a child of God. Married for 21 years to my high school sweetheart, the Lord has blessed us with three amazing children here on earth and two in Heaven.

I would describe my childhood as unstable.  I grew up raised by a mom who loved the Lord but we were not consistently in church.  My mother did the best she knew how for my brother and I. My father abandoned us when I was six-years-old and never really tried to be an active part of my life. I can recall hearing from him once throughout my entire childhood.  As you can imagine, I picked up some baggage along the way in the midst of that abandonment and rejection.

Jesus found His way into my heart and my life when I was eighteen and I began the process of discovering who I am in Christ.  After being married for close to twenty-two years and walking with God twenty-seven years, I’ve entered into a phase of my relationship with God where, like Paul, scales have been stripped off of my eyes and I’m growing in my relationship with God like I never realized I could.  It’s taken a lot of patience and love on the part of my heavenly father and obedience, courage and vulnerability on my end, but what an exciting journey this has been.

Today, my greatest passion is connecting with other women to teach them what I’m learning as God shows me new things. My hope is that as you meditate on the words of this blog, you will feel God’s presence in a tangible way.  My heart’s desire for this blog is that it be used by God as a tool to heal our spiritual blindness and deafness and that we will all grow to know him in deeper, more intimate ways.  As you read this blog, don’t just listen to my words, but listen for that sweet loving voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to you during this special time.  May He give you courage to let Him love you in deeper way then you have ever been loved so that He can lavish you with His love!