Joanna’s Favs

When I started my journey with the Lord, at one point I was coming out of a dry season spending no time with Him through the Word or prayer. The Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart to commit to a minimum of 10 minutes a day; which sounds very small but my goal was to be consistent. That 10 minutes a day has grown considerably now because once it started it brought me such joy and strength and I couldn’t go without my spiritual nourishment. I have found now that if I’m creative, I seem to be able to find time for prayer and worship all throughout my day. You don’t have to be in a place where you have an entire two hours a day to block and just spend with Him. Like a friend, you can take Him everywhere you go on your daily journey through prayer throughout the day, the Word, books, worship or teachings.













These resources for spiritual growth are some of my personal favs that have challenged me to take my faith to the next level. I pray that they bless your soul and lead you in the path of righteousness.